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SU Droid Custom Rom All Version

What is Custom Rom?
A custom rom is fully standard version of Android OS. The rom customized by someone in various way. 
So what does the "tweaked/ Customized " part mean? Since Android is open source, engineers are allowed to take stock ROMs, alter them, strip them of refuse, advance them, include things, and practically do whatever their creative energy and aptitudes permit.
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Why You Should Use Custom Rom?

Better Performance And Efficiency 
Custom ROMs are regularly quicker, more productive, and utilize less memory in light of the fact that 

the designer tore out futile junk, for example, bearer introduced applications or 

the designer improved the part. For instance, an undervolted bit can give a greatly improved battery life than the stock one.
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This is by a long shot the most prevalent motivation to introduce a custom ROM. Numerous makers never upgrade their more established Android telephones and tablets or redesigns may take months to achieve telephones on account of bearer and producer delays. On the off chance that you have a more seasoned gadget that isn't accepting overhauls any longer and you need to run the most recent form of Android, a custom ROM is quite recently the ticket. CyanogenMod/ MIUi/ Lewa OS is the most well known ROM for this reason — it has its own particular changes, however the base framework is like the stock variant of Android made by Google. On account of CyanogenMod and other custom ROMs, numerous more seasoned gadgets that will never be formally overhauled can run the most recent adaptation of Android.

Potential Problems 

Custom ROMs could have bugs… however then so do the stock ones. 

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you do discover a bug, you really have a 2-route channel of detailing it - post in the ROM discussion and you will more than likely find a solution back and your bug recognized. 

Have a go at doing this to your telephone producer and check whether you can move beyond the main level of outsourced monkeys, not to mention genuine designers. 

You May Void Your Warranty 

It's conceivable that custom establishing will void your guarantee since you will "break the seal" on the boot loader by introducing a custom one which on a few telephones evidently can't be fixed (this incorporates the Nexus One). Hence, the producer may have the capacity to tell that the telephone has had a custom ROM introduced and not respect the guarantee, on the off chance that you have to utilize it. 

Presently, by and large, the advantages of the custom ROM exceed the likelihood of your guarantee being denied. I suggest getting a guarantee from your transporter and utilizing that in the event that anything terrible happens (that guarantee is generally unqualified and covers things like misfortunes and physical harm.

Get Back To Main Point

SU Droid V1

  • Device : Symphony Xplorer W69q
  • Chipset: MTK MT6582( Kitkat 4.4.2)
Features :

  • Internet speed metter Added
  • Battery icons added you can change 11 icon ofline and many icon online
  • Center clock
  • You can add Full Screen Walpaper
  • List view Animation added
  • Status bar transparent
  • Notification panel 50% transparent
  • Xperia Keyboard
  • Status bar tined added
  • System Background color changed
  • Smart awake Sapported
  • Led fully working
  • Dailog Background changed
  • Notification Background Transparent
  • Better music player
  • Better Sound quality
  • Better battery backup
  • Dailer moded,contacts moded,messaging moded


Download Link: Google Drive Link

SU Droid V2 : Not Available

SU Droid V3

  • Device : Symphony Xplorer W69q
  • Chipset: MTK MT6582( Kitkat 4.4.2)

Features :

  • Status Bar Mod Added
  • Notification Panel Color Changer Added
  • 3Minit Battery Style
  • 3Minit Quick Launcher Added
  • List View Animations Added
  • Xperia Keyboard
  • Notification Background Pic
  • Quick tile Style
  • Notification Header Transparent
  • Lollipop Platlogo Added
  • Lollipop Style Dialer
  • Lollipop Style Contact
  • Better icons Added
  • Battery Backup is Better
  • Colorful Messeging Added
  • System Background is blue
  • Dilog Background is blue
  • Tined Status Bar
  • Smart Awake Fully Working
  • Dubble Tab sleep
  • Dubble Tab Awake (Smart Awake)
  • For More Features, see the screenshorts:

Download Link : Medifire  

SU Droid V4

  • Chipset : Sprd SC7731/8830

Rom Features:

  • Cyanogenmod Theme Engine
  • Marshmallow Plat Logo
  • Status bar mod
  • Notification tile mod
  • Dynamic Status Bar
  • Dynamic NV Bar
  • Custom Carrier Label
  • Battery Mod
  • List View Animation
  • Internet Speed Meter
  • Build Prop Editor
  • Two Customized Theme
  • Default installer location to Ext SD
  • And many more
Screenshort : 

Download Link: 
Symphony V85
Symphony H120

Thanks for reading. Stay Tuned. 

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Bro in Sudroid V4 the theme engine not shows bootanimation, sound etc.. How to fix this

Bro in Sudroid V4 the theme engine not shows bootanimation, sound etc.. How to fix this

Very nice rom, I installed it on sc7731 (Walton primo e7+), every things are working but in the display there is a trigger to touch, Why I can not able to use full display touch screen!!!