Thursday, October 5, 2017

[CM 12.1] CyanogenMod 12.1 Custom Rom For Spreadtrum SC7731/SC8830/SC9830

CyanogenMod is a custom version for android. Its called custom rom. CyanogenMod has been added more stable features and controls on their rom.
CyanogenMod 12.1

CM 12.1 Features:

Lcd Density Changer: Density Changer features able to change screen size called dpi. The more you will increase dpi, your screen content will be shown bigger and for decreasing dpi your screen content will be smaller.

Notification Manager :
This settings able to enable or disable heads up notification settings. You can also filter notification per apps.

Lockscreen visualiser: 
Google has been added music lockscreen widget to lollipop device. And CyanogenMod customize this widget and added the visualiser on lockscreen. 

Battery icon: 
CyanogenMod added awesome battery icon option on their rom. Battery icon settings is located on settings/status bar / here

Custom Clock position:
You can transfer clock to anywhere on status bar.(left /right/ center)
You can also disable or enabe am/pm option

More Quick tiles: 
CyanogenMod added many quick tiles on their rom for control more settings on notification panel.

Advance Reboot Option:
Here is another great features to go recovery mode from power menu and more.

Theme Chooser:
Theme Chooser is the main features of CyanogenMod custom rom. You can dolwnload themes from play store and apply the theme. 

Rom Information:

  • Chipset: Spreadtrum SC7731/SC8830
  • Device : Symphony Xplorer V85
  • Kernel : 3.10.65 [ Lollipop 5.1 ]
Watch the review: CyanogenMod 12.1

Screenshots :

CM 12.1 Download link:
There is only one bug in this rom and that is hotspot bug. Due to hotspot bug we cant receive files from Shareit. 

How to receive files from shareit?
=> First send any files from your mobile to another phone. And click on send button from another phone. Happy sharing!!!!!! 

How To Flash CM 12.1  : 

Step 1: TWRP Install
To install twrp you need to root your phone first. You can use KingRoot for rooting your phone.Once you rooted your phone, Install TWRP by using Flashify app.

Step 2 : Download 
Download the rom from above link.

Step 3 : Wipe
Press power button and volume down button to enter recovery mode.
Now click on wipe section and format data.

Step 4 : Install Rom
Click on install option and find your downloaded rom. Click on that rom which you downloaded and install the rom.

Final Step : Reboot
When Rom Installations is completed, Just reboot your phone.  It may take 5 to 10 minutes to boot.

Hadi Khoirudin: advan s4p
Dosent exist: xda

Note : If you have any question about this topic,just comment below or contact us.

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how to port these rom? I'm using sc7731 and 3.10.65 kernel :)

Please make a tutorial on how to port this rom, I tried to port this but I cant exit safemode and wifi cant turn on.

Hello good job , please write tutorial how to port Cm12.1. Thanks.

sir my mobile intex cloud zest lollipop 5.1 spreadtrum sc7731g device, install custom via twrp recovery cm12.1rom install successful after boot problem, show android app optimize and starting apps long time to display won't boot how to fix my problem cm12.1ported ROM ported source

Replace Stock toPort_Patch_1Foldersystem/bin/sensorservicesystem/lib/egl/libGLES_android.sosystem/lib/egl/libGLES_mali.sosystem/lib/hw/camera.sc8830.sosystem/lib/hw/sensors.sc8830.sosystem/lib/modules/mali.kosystem/usr/idc/currency_tp.idcsystem/usr/idc/focaltech_ts.idcsystem/usr/idc/goodix_ts.idcsystem/usr/idc/goodix-ts.idcsystem/usr/idc/gslx680.idcsystem/usr/idc/mip4_ts.idcsystem/usr/idc/msg2133_ts.idcsystem/usr/idc/qwerty.idcsystem/usr/idc/qwerty2.idcsystem/usr/keyayout/Generic.kl-Afterreplace file

vai gapps taw ki download kore nite hobe.??

gapps হলো playstore and play service এর জন্য

Only Replece system/lib/egl
and compare boot

Vhaiya ami install korsi and successful hoise install. But v85 e onek slow chole cm 12.

I tried all sudroid ROMs, they all work well with my phone. (I have to port it) but I need a pure CyanogenMod 12.1 ROM, the ROM I found there has format, and it doesn't work even after port. Anybody has CM 12.1 ROM for sc7731g in simple meta.inf, system & boot format ?

I don't understand on the top of the ROM is written for sc 9830 too but in the description sc 9830 board is not mentioned??????
Really need help....can't port cm 12 to my sc9830 ...

Yasir really need your help!!!!!!please.....I've tried sevral ROMs try to port them to sc9830 ....but didn't work....please help......pleaseeee......looking for a quick response

please make tutorial how to port cm12.1 sir

Success full ported
Can I share this rom?
Please allow me to share this rom to my device group

Boot.IMG porting is required or not plz tell me I want to port on my MMX spark 3 (q385)

vai ami ei rom symphony v52 te dite parbo