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How to make custom recovery (cwm, twrp) for any android device

Hi Dear Visitors. This is Yeasir Arafat. In this post you may learn how to make custom recovery imgae for any android device. If you didnt get a right way to make recovery imgae, then this post is for you. So lets start.

How To Make Custom Recovery 

Lets start making Custom Recovery 

Required Files: 
1. Android Image Kitchen : Link

2. Stock Recovery : 
You need  stock recovery to make a custom recovery so you need to collect it from stock rom. If there is no stock rom for your device, Backup Stock recovery. To backup your stock recovery first root your device and install Flashify.apk and run it. You will get backup option in this app.

3. Custom Recovery : 
You need to find a custom recovery that matches to your android chipset model. 
Here is some example chipset and custom recovery link.

Spreadtrum Chipset :

MTK Chipset :  

If there is no custom recovery for your chipset, please search google to find out.

Step 1:
Unpack Stock Recovery. To unpacking stock recovery you need to drag stock recovery to unpackimg file in Android Image Kitchen.

Step 2: 
After unpacking, you will get two new folder. Ramdisk and spilt_img. Now make a copy of spilt_img folder.

Step 3:
Now unpack custom recovery. And delete spilt_img folder and paste old spilt_img folder.
 Step 4: 
Dubble click on repakimg file to pack your custom recovery. After complete repack, you will find your custom recovery named "image-new.img" 

Thats all!  If you have any problem with this, please comment below. Or you may watch this video tutorial on this topic. 

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need cwm/twrp recovery for huawei y5c chipset-sc8830

thanks Sir /success at aldo chipset sc-8830