Saturday, March 25, 2017

How to port CyanogenMod 11 to Spreadtrum SC7731 or SC8830 Device

CyanogenMod is one of the best known custom rom in the world. 

Lets Port CM 11 to Spreadtrum SC7731 or SC8830 kitkat kernel.

CM 11 For Spreadtrum SC7731 KK

Requirements :

  • Android Image Kitchen (Mobile or PC)
  • Know How To Unpack Repack
  • Sprd SC7731/8830 Device 
  • Porting Experience 
Porting Boot
First unpack both boot.img stock and port.
Now replece stock spilt-img folder to port boot.
Replece stock ramdisk/sbin files to port ramdisk/sbin.
Now you have to replece usb rc files, example: init.scxxxx.usb.rc, init.usb.rc
The final steps is to repack port boot.After completed repacking rename image-new.img t boot.img

Replacing System Files: 

1. Replece sytsem/lib/modules
2. Copy files /system/lib/libbt-vendor so & replace files on cm-11.0 /system/vendor/lib
3. Replece this files from system/lib/hw

Now zip and flash cm 11

Rom Link: 

Device: Advan S4P

How To Flash CM 11 

Step 1: TWRP Install
To install twrp you need to root your phone first. You can use KingRoot for rooting your phone.Once you rooted your phone, Install TWRP by using Flashify app.

Step 2 : Download 
Download the rom from above link.

Step 3 : Wipe
Press power button and volume down button to enter recovery mode.
Now click on wipe section and format data.

Step 4 : Install Rom
Click on install option and find your downloaded rom. Click on that rom which you downloaded and install the rom.

- Doesntexit For CM 11 
- Hadi Khoirudin
- Muhammad Ihsan For PAC rom 

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Tried this tutorial for porting CM11 on my SC8830 device but didn't worked. Please help.